Zhou Chengjian: “The World’s Tailor”

A little “Fun Fact Friday” China Fashion Find.

Xi Jinping et allies have been cracking down on corruption since 2012. Copyright@Ooyuz.com

On January 8, billionaire fashion magnate Zhou Chengjian (周成建) disappeared into thin air “after apparently becoming entangled in president Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign,” The Guardian reported. Zhou had started out as a carpenter, bricklayer and finally became a tailor in his rural hometown of Shikeng Village. His dream was to become “the world’s tailor” and he eventually emerged as founder and chairman of Metersbonwe Group, a massively successful clothing company. Mission accomplished.

Zhou eventually emerged as the founder and chairman of Metersbonwe Group, aka China’s H&M.


Despite the initial concern and (especially) mystery surrounding his disappearance, the self-made man resurfaced and made his way back to the office later that month. Zhou was at the time of his vanishing the latest in a string of high-profile businessmen to get picked up by police in the light of Zhongnanhai‘s (THE beating political heart of China) breakdown on corruption. Who said fashion wasn’t political…