Designed by Beijing native Zhang Na, the Fake Natoo label in 2008 launched itself into out-of-this-world fashionably healthy spheres, quickly landing on China’s most-wanted designer list. Jessica Laiter puts on her cloche hat and chases down this dragon for us.

Chinese by birth, Dutch by marriage, Xander Zhou has been carrying a secret weapon for styled-up and -down sultriness for more than one decade now. New York’s very own self-proclaimed fashionally inclined cultural ambassador Jessica Laiter takes us on a spin through Zhou’s Fashion Nation.

Bizarre to non-aficionados, illogical to non-techies and fantastical to many, wearable tech is no harum-scarum trend. Looking through the keyhole into the world of fashionable tech is the apotheosis of that “Alice in Wonderland” feel: Curiouser and curiouser! Enter RFactory bags and accessories: Through the looking glass with an indulgence in fun and a dabbling in tech. Like Carroll’s story, wearable tech develops a characteristic mixture of vagueness and vividness. Nothing remains the same for long; the fun and magic of technology has infiltrated real wearable fashion, where, like the White Rabbit, the LED lights disappear and reappear. As “grownup” giants, we ask… Is fashion an illusion?

Rise and shine, the Year of the Rooster is here! One cannot sneak a sunrise or fine piece of cloth past the vainest of them all and with a mighty alluring crow, my fellow 1981 Chinese animal Chiara Sassu explores the prestigious potential of designer Lucien Wang. Cockadoodledo! 

Rattled by the wincingly pounding late fall winds, I had a revelation: Anything and everything good in life starts with “D”. Diana (Vreeland, a personal favorite), Denim (a Vreeland raving-favorite), Design (a Me ranting-favorite), Daring (a designing-favorite); all three in one way or another inspire, coordinate and cross paths in new Beijing-born clothing brand ZODIAC. Avoiding the pitfalls of “double denim”, just go ton-sur-ton with this one, we do a double take and ask… How does one design a cool cowboy vibe?

This brand name just evokes thoughts of Potassium Chlorate mixed with gummy bears – or that could simply be just me, though. Yet I opt to stick with the chemistry theme this time, as it is one science that can apply itself to the world of design – in both the literal and figurative sense. In the creative quest for favorable fashion combustion, one dutifully asks… How do we combine the right reactive elements?

Angie Wu, founder of AWÜ jewelry brand: “I express myself through my designs like a writer expresses himself through words.” A drop of ink may make a million think; a drop necklace may hatch a bountiful booty kink — keeping up with the latest attention-grabbing hearsay headlines. Please allow me to introduce herself, she’s a woman of travel wealth and accessorizing taste: Wu, in her own words.