Bigger plus bolder equals better? Plus-size modeling is a relatively new business in China, surfacing around 2010. From the trending A4 waist to a size 5XL, Fan Yiying of The Sixth Tone looks on the plus side of modeling in China.


Paris haute couture closed on July 6 featuring two of China’s most inimitable designers, Guo Pei and Laurence Xu, leading the increasingly foreign Paris fashion invasion. Susan Owens reports for Jing Daily.

Chinese regulators on June 23 shut down web-casting services on popular platforms in China for violating government standards by broadcasting negative commentary on political and social news. Jessica Rapp reports for Jing Daily.  

Artisanal aka “made in a traditional or non-mechanized way”. Alina Raetsep of SIX Magazine divulges on the one topic she is truly passionate about — traditional artisanal skill-ship. In China, mind you.