Temper Magazine and Chic Xique embrace the cheongsam: From the desire to repeal all dusty imperial customs and reinvent China — Republican style; from sexual to national symbol… It’s the evolution of a cultural revolutionary.


Note to self: Do not give into Dirk Diggler temptation. Nevertheless, I do hold a highly bespoke soft spot for secondhand almighty funkadelic 70s fashion with some Burt Reynolds ghetto gold to boot. And I’m in luck. Today’s neon signs feature Pawnstar, aka the new place to go in Shanghai and get your fashion vintage boogie on. The leading question then becomes… Is secondhand (luxury) the next big, bright, shining China Fashion star?

Pawned and secondhand… luxury: Contradictio in terminis? Possibly. But when you casually remark your bag is a “vintage Dior”, it often (read: unfortunately) still trumps the “found-this-at-a-binge-binsale-in-a-kilogram-store” fashion find. China’s fashion conscious and conscious fashion are progressively meeting up on that crossroads called “Secondhand Shopping”.

Photos: Straight Up


Oh Satan! Mephisto! Judas! Oh Benaiah! Oh evil eyes that glint beneath the blades! Yes, I am breaking out my “intellectual self” here by straight-up plagiarizing Kerouac. Be that evil in itself as may, the point is that we all have known, experienced and lived the evils of shaving, waxing, tweezing, lasering, Veet-ing; you name it, we’ve rolled with it.