Artisanal aka “made in a traditional or non-mechanized way”. Alina Raetsep of SIX Magazine divulges on the one topic she is truly passionate about — traditional artisanal skill-ship. In China, mind you.


Temper Magazine and Chic Xique embrace the cheongsam: From the desire to repeal all dusty imperial customs and reinvent China — Republican style; from sexual to national symbol… It’s the evolution of a cultural revolutionary.

A bookend style statement to our daily lives, lingerie sets the mood for how we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night — a theory with which designer Rose Fulbright-Vickers wholeheartedly seems to agree. And so we dive beneath the surface with Jessica Laiter.

Designed by Beijing native Zhang Na, the Fake Natoo label in 2008 launched itself into out-of-this-world fashionably healthy spheres, quickly landing on China’s most-wanted designer list. Jessica Laiter puts on her cloche hat and chases down this dragon for us.