Marching to the beat of their own Watusi warrior drums, designers Mao and Juno of handcrafted leather goods brand Kitayama Studio create bags that combine uniqueness and versatility. With a revolutionary angle.  


Bizarre to non-aficionados, illogical to non-techies and fantastical to many, wearable tech is no harum-scarum trend. Looking through the keyhole into the world of fashionable tech is the apotheosis of that “Alice in Wonderland” feel: Curiouser and curiouser! Enter RFactory bags and accessories: Through the looking glass with an indulgence in fun and a dabbling in tech. Like Carroll’s story, wearable tech develops a characteristic mixture of vagueness and vividness. Nothing remains the same for long; the fun and magic of technology has infiltrated real wearable fashion, where, like the White Rabbit, the LED lights disappear and reappear. As “grownup” giants, we ask… Is fashion an illusion?

“To be or not to be a Mayshad Woman,” that is the question. With “empowerment” the new energy of the century, this Maison of leather luxury warrants a fresh philosophy according to the ritziest standards only French knowhow can claim.

Angie Wu, founder of AWÜ jewelry brand: “I express myself through my designs like a writer expresses himself through words.” A drop of ink may make a million think; a drop necklace may hatch a bountiful booty kink — keeping up with the latest attention-grabbing hearsay headlines. Please allow me to introduce herself, she’s a woman of travel wealth and accessorizing taste: Wu, in her own words.

Wearable technology (aka fashionable technology, tech togs, or fashion electronics) refers to the incorporation of electronic and computing devices into clothing or accessories to improve the convenience and portability of technologies — with that the productiveness of their bearer. Voilà. The time has now come to explore our options: From sensible to sensory dressing, are we ready to LED robotic dressing take us from pitch meeting mornings to done deal drinks?


The concepts of smart clothing and wearable technology are based on a permanent integration of clothing and technology. Take a look at the past, present and future of wearable tech through the eyes of China’s Huami Company. In the utopia that is Fashion Week, the die-hard fashionista may soon face a dystopian FROW. A frightening foreboding for some… Out with the IT Girl, in with the I.T. girl?

When on that early spring day in May of 2014 Google started to sell its Glasses, or optical head-mounted display, the rat race to “wearable devices” took off. In 2016, wearable-meets-fashionable tech is branching out and we knowtice new fearless influencers emerging from the pixels, including Beijing-based jewelry brand Totwoo. In wondrous wearable tech times, I wonder… Is going tech a fashionably smart move?

American gymnast Mary Lou Retton at the 1984 Summer Olympics said: “For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.” For fashionistas, then, this must be making the cover of a major fashion magazine. Chinese weightlifter Deng Wei has accomplished the two as she bagged both a gold medal and an ELLE cover. We ask… What does make one a fashion heavyweight?

Every wardrobe should bear a Brazilian Carnaval vibe all year round. In terms of “feel-good-levels”. A celebration of fun-loving fashion and banging bodies through a parade of dancing sequins, feathers and colors; everything about it screams “Over The Top”. Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy your Cap’n Crunch wearing Carmen Miranda headgear, but come to think of it… When it comes to fashion: Why don’t we color outside the lines more often?

Big beach bags, beach totes, fanny packs, backpacks, clutches, baguettes, envelope bags, add-the-Bag-Bible 101, the latitude of bag options out there is as wide as that between the US East and West Coasts. The question arises… In this beachwaves-melting heat, how do we keep a cool vibe at hand plus sweaty-palms-handy?