Chinese by birth, Dutch by marriage, Xander Zhou has been carrying a secret weapon for styled-up and -down sultriness for more than one decade now. New York’s very own self-proclaimed fashionally inclined cultural ambassador Jessica Laiter takes us on a spin through Zhou’s Fashion Nation.


“To be or not to be a Mayshad Woman,” that is the question. With “empowerment” the new energy of the century, this Maison of leather luxury warrants a fresh philosophy according to the ritziest standards only French knowhow can claim.

Just a quick Fresh Fashion Tasty. Please note that the following was originally commissioned and written by Rachel Wu for SIX Magazine‘s China Issue which you should go check out right here. Now, for your sustainable, attainable and dandy fashion wisdom — with a slight androgynous vibe — give it up for:

Vega Zaishi Wang (王在)