The book “China Chic”, written by Guangzhou-born fashion designer Vivienne Tam, is a cross-cultural exploration of the hybrid worlds of the East and the West that have inspired fashion designer Vivienne Tam. Jessica Laiter shares some thoughts.


Marching to the beat of their own Watusi warrior drums, designers Mao and Juno of handcrafted leather goods brand Kitayama Studio create bags that combine uniqueness and versatility. With a revolutionary angle.  

I may have mentioned this kittykat once or twice before and no matter how I try, I simply cannot hide the big knitting needles that 25-year-old Joyce Wang is by far and beyond one of my favorite, freshest and tastiest new design kids on the block.

The honorary title “Man Of Steel” may be slightly better known to mankind, but within the realms of fashion design, Issey Miyake is considered to be a real DC Superman. The name in itself stretches a long way and always steams ahead in terms of both space and time. Miyake: Man Of 3D.

This brand name just evokes thoughts of Potassium Chlorate mixed with gummy bears – or that could simply be just me, though. Yet I opt to stick with the chemistry theme this time, as it is one science that can apply itself to the world of design – in both the literal and figurative sense. In the creative quest for favorable fashion combustion, one dutifully asks… How do we combine the right reactive elements?

Cute monsters, Tim Gunn and China; what do these at-first-sight utterly unrelated three have in common? New York, Parsons School of Design and one graduate in particular: Qinghe “Queenie” Cao. This little girl according to, much like her voluminous designs, is bound to get BIG. From China’s Central Academy of Fina Arts to Parsons, we ask… Eclectic and electric, what sparks this little one’s big ideas?

Dutch clothing brand JOW on October 3 goes e-commerce for all to buy! Founder and designer Angelle Chang positively and passionately celebrates body-image and -confidence in all its fabulous facets, sustainable and attainable for all. With keywords such as ageless, timeless, design, passion and sustainability, one ponders… Flaws: Socially excluding or fashionably exclusive?

That roaring Shanghai of the pre-PRC 20th Century was undeniably a fashion hard hitter,  but the earliest 21st Century also proves a strong contender in the Pearl’s fashion race. In the run-up to Shanghai Fashion Week (October 12-20), we once more step through the mirror to explore this city’s fashionable brawn, bravado and bravery.