The Trump-China ties that bind. Both Daddy Donald and Daughter Ivanka have grabbed the chance to get their cheap China labor on to support their respective “fashion” and shoe collections. All the while adding ethical insult to cultural injury in the process. Crimes against fashion, logical reasoning and grounds of argumentation aside, one wonders… Should cost ever trump style?


With Adidas arguably the most relevant fashion brand to those (Chinese) born between 1980 and 2000, it is nice to see some legit fashion history has not yet disappeared into thinspo air. The Antwerp Six are a fashion collective who in the late 1980s radically influenced catwalks worldwide, turning their stomping ground into a righteous fashion rage. Anno 2016, we see the surge of the Xiamen Gang, with critics likening the city’s role in China’s fashion landscape to that of Antwerp in Europe. In clique terms, then: The Xiamen designers… Pleasers or leaders ?

Aah, the chinos; the material of many a joke over the past decades. These controversial, “He-vs-She” — a little shoutout to that Beijing exhibition on violence against women which was shut down before even opening up at the roaring political capital’s Gingko Space art gallery — dividing twill-fabric (originally produced in … China) cotton khaki pants have never left the hangers of many a male’s wardrobe…

Photos: Straight Up


Oh Satan! Mephisto! Judas! Oh Benaiah! Oh evil eyes that glint beneath the blades! Yes, I am breaking out my “intellectual self” here by straight-up plagiarizing Kerouac. Be that evil in itself as may, the point is that we all have known, experienced and lived the evils of shaving, waxing, tweezing, lasering, Veet-ing; you name it, we’ve rolled with it.

Here’s one originally written by me for the ultra-abfab menswear/style/lifestyle/anystyle site MNSWR.COM; check it out! Viking Chinese, yep — they exist, makeup artist Kristoffer Liu shares his views on the modern China Man’s grooming tactics.