Photographer Jago Li represents the next generation in fashion’s visual arts. A firm-yet-flexible gender blender, Li’s work mingles with the strong-yet-effortless drive and the classic-yet-modern vibe du temps. It’s hot to trot!  


Voltaire once stated, “Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” Negative Nancy often states, “Friendship is an illusion.” The term “illusion” appears to be a hotly debated one throughout time. Philosophers and pessimists aside, along came Zhu Lanqing, a young Dragon photographer whose work explores the relationship people establish with their online entourage.  One key question meanders the mind… Is this real or is it all an illusion? 

Known to intimi as Andy, Mr. Houlai is a Shanghai-born, -raised and –based fashion snapper of few words. In his honour, this post shall be equally concise and thus all about those five W’s and one H. The wringer remains… How can any picture be perfect?

Chinese photographers are going global, and the global picture community is focusing on China. From Trunk Xu to Zhang Jingna, the favored by yours truly Yin Chao and the all-round celebrated Chen Man, these togs bring a new picture of China to the cutting table. On the other side, then, we find the foreigners entering China. From Russia to Shanghai, they’re snapping away. One muses: In life… Can we actually capture that one moment?

Nope, still not getting political on here — with the Dalai Lama once again calling for Tibetan unity less than 24 hours ago. I must hereby dutifully avouch that I lack the sufficient knowledge on the topic of  the ” Autonomy Or No Autonomy?” conundrum the region has found itself in since the 2o10 ending of formal negotiations with Beijing. There, I said it. This headline refers to one Total Betty shoot by my personal China photography favorite: Yin Chao (阴超).