It’s the time of the season! The Who’s Earned What in Supermodel Land Forbes rankings on August 30 saw the dark ink of (digital) press. As ye ole Chinese proverb goes, the palest ink is better than the best memory. Liu Wen, crowned “China’s First Supermodel”, rose up high in the Forbes listings once more, raking in an easy-breezy $7 million in 2016.


That’s what it’s all about. Whereas Daddy and Daughter Trump both run a “fashion collection”, and I use the term loosely, that are produced in the rink dink China cheap labor way, a new generation of designers is continuously upping that stigmatized ante and creating a whole new label. A “Made in China” people can proudly flaunt. So the question becomes… The new “Made in China”: What’s it all about?

Every wardrobe should bear a Brazilian Carnaval vibe all year round. In terms of “feel-good-levels”. A celebration of fun-loving fashion and banging bodies through a parade of dancing sequins, feathers and colors; everything about it screams “Over The Top”. Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy your Cap’n Crunch wearing Carmen Miranda headgear, but come to think of it… When it comes to fashion: Why don’t we color outside the lines more often?

Just a quick Fresh Fashion Tasty. Please note that the following was originally commissioned and written by Rachel Wu for SIX Magazine‘s China Issue which you should go check out right here. Now, for your sustainable, attainable and dandy fashion wisdom — with a slight androgynous vibe — give it up for:

Vega Zaishi Wang (王在) 

Singapore. City-state, sweaty sultriness, home to an increasing number of foreign company headquarters (most fleeing Hong Kong due to the ever-eerily-darkening Mainland shadows slowly but steadily gathering over its tall buildings there) and the place the following designer calls home.

“We are thrilled to help raise the profile of some of the most innovative names in Chinese design with participants of New York’s renowned Fashion Week,” says Lijun Xin, President of’s Apparel and Home Furnishing Business Unit.

Because I’m a practitioner of the big, the bold and the beautiful — take that however you will — I give you Clare Hynes, jewellery design for the wicked.

Once upon a leprechaun time, I coincidentally came across the following proverb as I was catching up on Irish culture: Put silk on a goat and it’s still a goat. Barmbrack for fashion thought, is it not? I shamefully admit that Colin Farrell, U2, beer, the word “boycott” (after Captain James Boycott mind you) and Saint Patrick (who by the way was in fact not Irish, but Roman), these five facts and trivia sum up my knowledge of the country.

Not quite.

Black, white, Chongqing and Tujia lined with a smidgen of red are the ingredients for this Fresh Fashion Tasty: Mario Duyuchen. Half-Korean half-Chinese, this Beijing-based designer feels inspired by those surrounding him in his daily China life. His 2016 “Unconventional” collection, which premiered at Beijing’s 798 Art District, is entirely based on and tailor-made for each and every individual he worked with during the six-month run-up to the flaunt-fest.