Nothing today is safe from the long arm of political influence. Where conservative values act as KOLs, politics impact more than just the passing of a bill. They impact our wardrobes. Jessica Laiter lays bare the truth behind the legends.


Temper Magazine and Chic Xique embrace the cheongsam: From the desire to repeal all dusty imperial customs and reinvent China — Republican style; from sexual to national symbol… It’s the evolution of a cultural revolutionary.

A bookend style statement to our daily lives, lingerie sets the mood for how we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night — a theory with which designer Rose Fulbright-Vickers wholeheartedly seems to agree. And so we dive beneath the surface with Jessica Laiter.

Rise and shine, the Year of the Rooster is here! One cannot sneak a sunrise or fine piece of cloth past the vainest of them all and with a mighty alluring crow, my fellow 1981 Chinese animal Chiara Sassu explores the prestigious potential of designer Lucien Wang. Cockadoodledo! 

I may have mentioned this kittykat once or twice before and no matter how I try, I simply cannot hide the big knitting needles that 25-year-old Joyce Wang is by far and beyond one of my favorite, freshest and tastiest new design kids on the block.

The honorary title “Man Of Steel” may be slightly better known to mankind, but within the realms of fashion design, Issey Miyake is considered to be a real DC Superman. The name in itself stretches a long way and always steams ahead in terms of both space and time. Miyake: Man Of 3D.