Visual Experiments. By Hannes Knutsson-Hall.

All photos: Hannes Knutsson-Hall.


The general China design and/or fashion scene speaks to many from the world’s North, East, South and West. Take for example Hannes Knutsson-Hall straight in from high up North. A Swedish photographer, experimental filmmaker and video reporter, this son of a glove-designer (yep!) mom has been based in Beijing for some three years and counting. (Jag är ledsen if this count is slightly incorrect. Apologies for my non-existent Svenska as wel.)

Much of his photography daringly freezes individuals in everyday street settings, resulting in spontaneous yet highly composed images — I’m lovin’ the contradictory nature of his works — all the while preserving the aspect of performativity, i.e. not dodging the looks from beyond the lens for fear of revealing his own photographing presence.


Knutsson-Hall currently exhibits a selected few of his street photographs at the much-frequented-for-its-mojitos hutong bar Más, located in central Beijing’s Beixinqiao area. The Fashion Dragon gives you a snapshot mosaic of a visually challenging China through experimental Swedish eyes.



With all the “Brooklyn Beckham does Burberry shoot at 16” controversy of the past few days, just remember:

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Henri Cartier-Bresson.


PS: You can follow Knutsson-Hall roaming the streets of Beijing through his Instagram: @hanneskh.