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As Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 prepares to take its curtain call on April 3, Temper Magazine daintily dips a petite paw into the grab bag of fashionably visual marvels the Fifth Fashion Capital had to offer during its substantially celebrated Ontimeshow, taking place inside the West Bund Artistic Center, March 29-April 1. Now witness the embodiment and resurrection of fashion’s innovative, daredevil, come what may spirit!


Designer Tiwill Tang (CHRONIC) presents his “Contemporaneous” collection during Shanghai’s Ontimeshow, March 31. Photo credits: Tiwill Tang

First Quickie Things First

We give you a CGTN glimpse of how Chinese designers are merging high-tech materials with fashion at the 2018 Shanghai Fashion Week (March 28- April 3), creating unique styles which in turn create much public buzz. CGTN’s Yang Chengxi is talking to Rico Lee, a young designer and founder of the eponymous fashion brand, about his inspiration and “function makes life beautiful” vision, from merely existing in the realm of his own mind to actually combining them with his factual work. Watch this interview snippet — courtesy of the CGTN YouTube Channel:

Be Ontime There Or Be Square

The eighth edition of Shanghai Fashion Week’s Ontimeshow (themed “#Infinity”), included 300+ brands from all across the globe, offering up #unlimited possibilities for a young brand’s extension and further creation. The show continues to challenge the staple identity of a professional trade show by breaking through the traditional fashion show format and mixing together new content such as developing retail, fashion shows, art exhibitions plus panels in order to dynamize a state of “buying” and “selling”. From runway to booth.

The Ontimeshow venue located inside Shanghai’s West Bund Artistic Center has expanded in accordance with the ever vaster scale of the exhibition. The Shanghai West Bund district in itself is an ambitious development project that seeks to bring domestic and foreign leaders together in the fields of culture, art, media, fashion, design, and innovative finance to create a unique, world-class waterfront on par with the Left Bank in Paris and the South Bank in London. The undertaking, following the principle of “Leadership in Planning, Culture and Industry,” began in 2012 with two core projects designed to transform the area into an international cultural and financial center: “West Bund Culture Corridor” and “West Bund Media Port.” Now you know.

Ergo, with many of the city’s architecturally avant-garde and incentive-attractive construction sites situated nearby, the Center’s five separately themed Ontimeshow areas now have the power to court a larger number of brands eager to participate in the city’s Fashion Week, unlocking more personal opportunities for one-on-one engagement and exchange across the array of attending buyers, media and professionals. These various types of cooperation between anyone and everyone creative combined — ranging from architects and artists to commercial brands and media partners — make up the highlights of this Ontimeshow edition. From Sabrina Hsieh to EDI.Z Lingfeng to UNCENSORED….

Time to gracefully slide-glide right through a pawful of budding fashion flair:

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Stand And Deliver

Starting from this #8 edition, the Ontimeshow now invites A-1 individuals or teams in the field of architecture to plan and integrate a space for specially selected YOUNG TALENTS designers, integrating new retail concepts with unique art, music, home and lifestyle features. The perspective and ingenious design language allows for promising designers not only to be inspired and grow, but also encourages professional buyers to discover new design faces, new retail models and new possibilities overall. From the latest in VR fashion tech to good old confusing artwork…

YOUNG TALENTS. You ask. We deliver:

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And as we at Temper admittedly always do enjoy dabbling in the darker side of things, do behold as we sum things up… It’s Chronically “Contemporaneous” at large:

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Images: Courtesy of Ontimeshow
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