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As New York Fashion Week was about to call it a wrap, Jessica Laiter made her way to the 10th Annual Asian in NY fashion event, in midtown Manhattan where artists and designers alike partook in this tradition on Saturday, September 22nd at the TF Chen Art Building located on 35 West 35th Street.

Presented with a homecoming “family feel,” Diana Lee, alongside her husband and daughter, introduced the show, enveloping the audience into their arms for this intimate affair. This year, the show and exhibition featured the group WOW Taiwan, world-renowned dancer and choreographer Peiju Chien-Pott and vocalist Pamela J Powell. 

ASIANinNYC. Image courtesy of Jessica Laiter
ASIANinNY. Image courtesy of Jessica Laiter

Six featured designers, including Alexander Peng Charton, Chelsea Liu, Jessica Chen, Joe Chan and Pai Cheng, showcased their unique collections. Whether it was the background music or interpretive dance routines that followed, it proved a sensory overload. Watching as the dancers performed, the audience could feel the energy and conversation simply through bodily movement. It was an out of body experience.

The brands focused on a wide range of themes, from bridal to sustainable fashion, to streetwear. Naima Mora, winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 opened the show and in attendance  were a number of notoriable guests such as tech genius Audrey Tang, Leszek Barwinski-Brown, Tony Conniff, Tobie Stein and Anthony Salcito.

ASIANinNY. Image courtesy of Jessica Laiter
ASIANinNY. Image courtesy of Jessica Laiter

Although the show was a sight to be seen from start to finish, the musical and performances were admittedly more impressive than the fashion statements.

The event was studded with people, old and new, to watch as Asian culture, entertainment, art and music continue to flood and influence the New York scene.


Asian in NY was co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan. The cocktail reception was presented by Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer, BobaMosa, Essentia Water, NOYU Teas, Kefir, KOH Coconut, KOH Chips, VIVALOE, Leo Beer and Singha Beer. Other sponsors include Erno Laszlo, Good Maker Beauty Expert, EVA Airways, SOFER, Casual Home, Aegis Service, Mei Li, TCCNY, Nestseekers, Little Flower NYC, and The Grand at Sky View Parc. 


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