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Elsbeth van Paridon

Temper Magazine Founder and Editor-in-Chief Elsbeth van Paridon holds a degree in Sinology from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) and additionally is just another run-of-the-mill fashion aficionada. After tackling Beijing for some six years where she worked for China International Publishing Group, she spent a moment in time moseying down steep alleyways and writing about their fashionable and underground features in Hong Kong. Van Paridon most recently managed to claw her way through a Europe-based academic endeavor called "Journalism". 'Tis in such fashion that she has now turned her lust for China Fashion/ Lifestyle and Underground into a full time occupation. Van Paridon hunts down the latest in Chinese menswear, women’s clothing, designer newbies, established names, changes in the nation’s street scenery, close-ups of particular trends presently at play or of historical socio-cultural value in China plus a selection of budding photographers. Paired with a deep devotion to China’s urban underground scene, van Paridon holds a particular interest in the topics of androgyny, the exploration of individuality and the power that is the Key Opinion Leader (the local term for “influencers”) in contemporary China.

Jessica Laiter

Jessica Laiter has been an avid lover and admirer of the Chinese language and culture for most of her life. Always knowing that the future would include working on an international level, when it came to choosing a niche, China immediately came to mind. Laiter went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies and Communications Rhetoric at The University of Pittsburgh and a Master's Degree in Translation at NYU. Immediately after college, she moved to New York City and since then has worked in a number of different industries such as branding, manufacturing, fashion, public relations and real estate. China always acting as the common denominator. Inspired by her career, Laiter launched a website called Chinese Graffiti, on which she features emerging Chinese designers, talks about the intersection of tradition and modernity in China, as well as the evolution of society and business culture. As time went on, she sought out like-minded businesses individuals who were interested in a similar market, which is how she became involved with Temper Magazine. The China market is creating a whirlwind around the glob and it’s only just getting started. The world can be a small place with a dash of mutual understanding and Laiter loves to be the storyteller who helps to bridge that gap.

Emily Aspinall

England-born journalist-in-the-making and teacher Emily Aspinall has been living and writing in/about China for just over a year. A love of travel, Asia and pure intrigue brought her and now keeps her in the country. As a freelance journalist, she specializes in Chinese society and fashion, her fascination surrounding the East grew since living and working in a rural ex-fishing village on the outskirts of Shanghai. Aspinall aims to capture a sense of the colourful and dynamic contemporary China, which continues to revolutionise and evolve. Aspinall holds an English Literature degree from Sheffield University. She explored the literary canon, starting with old English and ending with the contemporary period, her area of speciality and research is post-war British social realism. While studying, she also on gained experience at the BBC, local publishing houses and copy edited the student newspaper. Since moving to China, she has written regularly for Temper Magazine and The Shanghaiist -- with a personal blog going live soon. Her interests include gender fluidity, the modern representation of women, sustainability and the underground scene in China.

Sandy Chu

An American with more than a decade of work experience in Shanghai, Sandy is a China specialist with experience in writing, research scouting, marketing, event management and translation. Holding a B.A. degree in Advertising, Sandy is a cum laude graduate of Michigan State University. Currently working full-time at WGSN, Chu writes gated B2B content covering Asia product trends, Chinese consumer insights and Chinese digital marketing trends. In this role she has been quoted as an industry expert by BoF. While her regular work remits focus on identifying and analyzing commercial trends, on a personal level she retains a passion for creative merit and cultural insights around China. Sandy previously ran her own fashion blog and creative events which have been featured in Time Out Shanghai, Femina China, Lonely Planet’s Shanghai city guide and the U.S. edition of Travel & Leisure. She is currently working on developing her new blog Selective Attention.

Minyoung Lee

Studying Textile & Clothing with some Business Administration to boot (Yonsei University, South Korea) naturally led Minyoung Lee into the professional world of fashion. Lee consequently spent around three years as a product developer/fashion merchandiser for contemporary South Korean brand Lucky Chouette. Later on, Lee spent two years living and studying in Beijing, mostly writing articles about Chinese culture and Chinese fashion and wrapped up her China Life with a Master’s Degree in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University. Nowadays, Lee resides in Germany, still keeping China and its fashions on her radar, as well as working as a freelance translator for the apparel industry.

Misha Maruma

Misha Maruma is the founder of CNCREATE, a Chinese contemporary art blog. He writes about the exciting developments in the flourishing Chinese creative scene, from fine art to fashion design and everything in between.

Bunny Yan

It's Bunny Yan! A Chinese American who has been working in the fashion and marketing industry for almost two decades. Able to see the fashion world through the lenses of East and West gives Yan a fuller view on what the fashion world is really like. She believes 'balance' is the key to change within the industry. As one of the leading experts in Fashion Sustainability, Yan likes to get her message through with humor and sass. This is an ever-evolving field and Yan wants to share with you just how exciting it actually is. Even though this picture may not really convey that much excitement, it's certainly there!