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Hosted by BIGGERCODE — a multi-brand retailer launched just a little over a year ago at its Broome Street location– is now home to many emerging and established brands alike looking to enter the New York market.

General Haze

The Lost General and Haze Collection collab launches at NYFW: “I don’t give a xhit”. Copyright@General Haze

Boasting the slogan-styled “I don’t give a Xhit” attitude, the two collaboratory and celebratory brands, Lost General and Haze Collection, launched their collaboration to create a new category into the fashion atmosphere, and what better place other than New York City, aka the city of endless fashions and dreams, to launch this collection.

Lost General is well known for its stylish accessories and designs influenced by the fundamentals of rock and roll street culture. Haze Collection, a sunglasses brand, approaches eyewear from a jewelry design standpoint and with a touch of inspiration from architecture. These uniquely styled sunglasses have been spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie.

General Haze 3

The Lost General and Haze Collection collab launches at NYFW: “I don’t give a xhit”. Copyright@General Haze

The cocktail launch event was overflowing with excitement and buzz around the new collaboration. People laughed and exchanged fashion week stories, while trying out possible new wardrobe additions.

In attendance were representatives from media outlets such as “Vogue China”, “Glamour”, “InStyle” and many other world renowned publications.

With Chinese brands on the rise and a chain of East meets West reactions, it can be expected that these types of soirees will become much more common place in the near future. And we certainly do give a xhit.















All images come courtesy of Lost General and Haze Collection


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Jessica Laiter

China Fashion Blogger at Chinese Graffiti
Jessica Laiter has been an avid lover and admirer of the Chinese language and culture for most of her life. Always knowing that the future would include working on an international level, when it came to choosing a niche, China immediately came to mind.

Laiter went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies and Communications Rhetoric at The University of Pittsburgh and a Master's Degree in Translation at NYU. Immediately after college, she moved to New York City and since then has worked in a number of different industries such as branding, manufacturing, fashion, public relations and real estate. China always acting as the common denominator.

Inspired by her career, Laiter launched a website called Chinese Graffiti, on which she features emerging Chinese designers, talks about the intersection of tradition and modernity in China, as well as the evolution of society and business culture. As time went on, she sought out like-minded businesses individuals who were interested in a similar market, which is how she became involved with Temper Magazine.

The China market is creating a whirlwind around the glob and it’s only just getting started.

The world can be a small place with a dash of mutual understanding and Laiter loves to be the storyteller who helps to bridge that gap.
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