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China Now, a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) event highlighting young and independent Chinese fashion designers, will make its debut during an exhibition & runway show on Monday, September 9. Your hosts du jour will be Velvet.Co International and InVizible Agency.

Starting at 2PM and running smoothly into the evening hours, China Now on September 9 will provide a platform for young Chinese designers to showcase their conceptual collections.

We’re talking designer musings related to their memories of daily life, their relationship with society, and their definitions of humanity.

The New Made In China, Now!

One of these 50 emerging Arts Of Fashion talents will partake in China Now. Guess who! Image comes courtesy of the Arts Of Fashion Foundation.

One of these 50 emerging Arts Of Fashion talents will partake in China Now. Guess who! Image comes courtesy of the Arts Of Fashion Foundation.

Dishing The Deets

The event is a combination of exhibition and a runway show which will take place all day on September 9 at White Space Chelsea. The exhibition is open to the public from 2 to 5PM, and the runway is by invitation ONLY — from 8 to 9PM.


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On the whole, China Now hopes to introduce a new generation of China and their unique memories and views of contemporary China in the age of globalization.

A portion of this event’s proceeds will support UNICEF’s life-saving work for children around the world.

Location, Location, Location

White Space Chelsea

530 West 25th Street

New York, NY 10001

United States


“The designers participating in China Now all hail from different parts of the Middle Kingdom. They get to see the world through their education and uncover their passion through their journeys. Everyone deserves to live his/her dream, and we should lend them the ladder of education.” Jenny Zheng, founder of Velvet.Co International.

And the correct guess is... Binli He! Photography by Carly Cram

And the correct guess is… Binli He! Photography by Carly Cram

Binli He Designs. Photography by Carly Cram

Binli He Designs. Photography by Carly Cram

inli He Designs, 2015. Photography by Carly Cram

Binli He Designs. Photography by Carly Cram

Meet the Designers

BINLI HE is a Chinese innovative womenswear designer based in New York. A graduate from Parsons Fashion Design School. Her design specializes in textile development. He draws her inspiration from her day to day and surroundings. She’s able to express these perceptive observations through her work. She aims to bring a more feminine, delicate approach to design.

For her collection, He was inspired by her childhood home of 18 years that her engineering father designed. This personal homage to a home no longer in the family has layers upon layers of memories played out in colors, textures, and patterns inspired by the furniture, wall colors and wood paneling of her childhood home. There is an emotional nostalgia that runs through this body of work as He says goodbye to her home and her childhood.

REDEFINE is an emerging label founded by two Chinese designers; Na Ren and Yi-Ting Lee. Through this brand, they created a playground built for the two to play with stereotypes, refine definitions, reconstruct ideas and create their own interpretations of what matters to them.

Fashion design is seen through their unexpected pairing. Collections are designed to convey their thinking through today’s society, science, and philosophy. Redefine is challenging the definitions but not overthrowing them, redefining the world based on the words we know as their current meanings.

MENGYAO DU is a Chinese menswear designer based in New York. As a fashion student of Donghua University Shanghai, Bunka Fashion College Tokyo, and Parsons New York, she’s been influenced profoundly by diverse cultural characters. Her inspiration often comes from underground and subcultures associated with skating, electronic music, disco. With a passion for youth culture, she aims to interpret their frame of mind and way of life through her designs.

SHARON KU (Hsiu Jui Ku) is a Chinese womenswear and knitwear designer. A human connection has always been the focus of her design. She is inspired by the people around her. Her latest collection is inspired by the relationship between her and her mother. The child of an overprotective mother, she has always tried to break free from her control. Even with geographically breaking free with a move to New York, somehow her mother’s overprotection is still a part of her. She has been exploring this emotional journey of how to embrace love and find a new balance in her life. Much of this can be seen in her collection through the stripes and piping that represent the protection and connection between Ku and her mom.

CLANG ROSE — JIN XIN is a Chinese designer based in Wuhan, China. Her work focuses on traditional, handcrafted, and cultural innovation. Having studied Chinese literature and history, Xin worked as a reporter, editor and Chinese teacher her unique experiences gave her the ability to interpret fashion design in a spiritual, elegant poetic way. Her brand is dedicated to the design of oriental beauty with a combination of tradition and new. Displayed in China International Fashion Week in 2018, her work is named as “Chinese Elegance” by the public. In the same year, Xin signed with CESTLAVIE, a well-known designer platform in China, as the first partnered accessory designer.


Velvet.Co is an international PR and marketing firm based between New York and Shanghai. The company explores and invents new ways for brands to reach, connect, and build relationships with their target customers in China and U.S. markets across digital channels and special events.

Established under the company, Velvet.Co Club is a platform where young Chinese professionals in fashion and art can gather together to network and get inspired. As a go-to resource Velvet.Co Club aims to help creative people share ideas and achieve their goals.


InVizible is a New York-based creative agency specializing in the launch and expansion of new brands to and from the Chinese market. Our team is comprised of bi-cultural creative minds and market experts comfortable and proficient in both Chinese and American culture. InVizible is deeply immersed in music, art, fashion, and lifestyle scenes.

On an everyday basis, they traverse the ever-evolving media landscape and are communicating with multicultural millennials, 24-7. InVizible understands how their target demographic shares information, the types of ideas inspire them, and the psychology behind their purchasing decisions. The team’s bi-cultural DNA, paired with their presence in New York and China, gives them an understanding of people both at home and away





The New Made In China, Now!
























































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