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Harbin Fashion Week 2019 (哈尔滨时装周 in Chinese) is set to ride the runway. Bold enough to brave the minus 20 degrees Celsius Northernmost china cold? 

Then book your last minute tickets right here, right now, on Nuomi — at 188 RMB a pop.

first staged in 2011, Harbin Fashion Week includes fashion shows, art exhibitions, fashion forums, showrooms and fashion fairs. This sleek as ice Fashion Week helps promote the deep integration of cultural industries, creative industries, art and commerce, In an international “Frozen” setting. 

HARBIN Fashion Week SS19 HARBIN Fashion Week SS19 HARBIN Fashion Week SS19

Fun Fact: Keep it raw and real with Harbin’s Siberian tiger park

Siberian tigers and other types of large felines roam the Siberian Tiger Park.

The Harbin Siberian Tiger Park is China’s second largest Siberian tiger| wild cat safari park. It houses almost 1000 kitties.

The park covers about 250 acres in an area just to the north of Sun Island Park where the harbin snow sculptures are displayed. It is located across a branch of the Songhua River.

the park stays open in wintertime during the area’s winter ice sculpture festival. From catwalk to cats…

harbin, heilongjiang province, china. Just FYI.









































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