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MATE. About Print Art, Sexuality And Humanity In Tomorrow’s China

After Mao Zedong declared the People's Republic of China "open" in 1949, all artistic activity was institutionalized. Come 2018, it's becoming individualized. China's contempo artistic scene is increasingly letting its political voice hit those high notes. From Nut Brother's new Polluted Water Exhibition inside Beijing's 798 District to Liang Kegang's AQ critiques or MATE's views on humanity... It's art straight from society's heart. ... Read More

Close-Up: China’s Original TǔKù (土酷) For School Culture — Imitatio Et Aemulatio

China's original TǔKù (Tu Cool) culture. Boasting a look-book brimming with "scenic spot views", the very Chinese phenomenon that is TǔKù takes a more direct approach to shooting images, in the case of multicultural Beijing-born MARRKNULL staged around and focused on popular tourist areas such as Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and Shichahai Lake. “Tu” who now?... Read More