High Up North And Way Out East: Hannes Knutsson-Hall And The ANXT “106” Music Video. 高调北方与东方:Hannes Knutsson-Hall与ANXT“106”音乐节目录象。

High Up North as in “Sverige”; Way out East as in “Beijing”, that is. Viking-blooded photographer/slash/documentarian Hå/Hannes Knutsson-Hall daringly freezes individuals in everyday street settings.

摄影师–/纪录片制作人/电影制作人 –Hå/ Hannes Knutsson-Hall在日常街头环境中大胆地拍摄”日常人物”和日常生活 。

Whereas his usual style of photographing us ordinary folk results in spontaneous yet highly constructed images — medigs the contradictory nature of his works — Knutsson-Hall all the while manages to preserve an aspect of performativity. The man does not dodge the looks from beyond the lens for fear of revealing his own photographing presence. Jag gillar din stil, Sir Knutsson-Hall!

他通常给某人/某物拍照的全都是自发 (同时构建 )的图像 — 有人会讲它們的本质 包括矛盾。

This time around, the filmmaker turned his clicking fingers to music as he directed and edited the latest music video for electro band Anxt — set against the backdrop of Beijing’s very own droning soundtrack. The “106” video was edited, shot and directed by  Knutsson-Hall in conjunction with Borderless.

Knutsson-Hall纪录短片人这一次在北京城市的背景下编辑了Anxt乐团最新音乐节目录象 。 “106”视频是由Knutsson-Hall与Borderless一起编辑,拍摄和导演的。


Where Way Out West meets Way Out East. It’s trevlig.







Music video for the single 106 by Anxt (via Vimeo)
Produced by Borderless and Anxt Borderless和Anxt:生产
Directed by Hannes Knutsson-Hall Knutsson-Hall:主持
Videography and editing by Hannes Knutsson-Hall Knutsson-Hall:录像和编辑
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