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Zhou Chengjian: “The World’s Tailor”

The disappearance of Zhou Chengjian: Who said fashion wasn't political...

A little “Fun Fact Friday” China Fashion Find.

Xi Jinping et allies have been cracking down on corruption since 2012.

On January 8, billionaire fashion magnate Zhou Chengjian (周成建) disappeared into thin air “after apparently becoming entangled in president Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign,” The Guardian reported. Zhou had started out as a carpenter, bricklayer and finally became a tailor in his rural hometown of Shikeng Village. His dream was to become “the world’s tailor” and he eventually emerged as founder and chairman of Metersbonwe Group, a massively successful clothing company. Mission accomplished.

Zhou eventually emerged as the founder and chairman of Metersbonwe Group, aka China’s H&M.


Despite the initial concern and (especially) mystery surrounding his disappearance, the self-made man resurfaced and made his way back to the office later that month. Zhou was at the time of his vanishing the latest in a string of high-profile businessmen to get picked up by police in the light of Zhongnanhai‘s (THE beating political heart of China) breakdown on corruption. Who said fashion wasn’t political…