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Xu Naiyu: Body – Image.

The China Body Image debate never ages. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Or brand.

Featured image: Xu Naiyu (徐乃郁) for Fashionunited.


A quickie for the lovers. Embellishing upon that ever-fury-inducing hot topic of “body image”, especially after this week’s earlier report on Chinese social media platform Weibo’s latest fad called “iPhone6 legs“, we came across a very interesting FashionUnited read — via Agence France Presse. Behold!


As the Beijing Fashion Week catwalk is running on its last legs, Fa took some time out from the shows plus frows and visited Chinese model Xu Naiyu (徐乃郁) backstage. I personally am not a fan of the Beijing Week given its monotonous lineup of investor-sweethearts, but the sit-down with this global runway-stomper about the pros and cons of working in fashion as an Asian model certainly did charm yours truly. And the beauty conceptions that come with it. An excerpt:


“Chinese fashion model Xu Naiyu exudes a happy optimism but is matter-of-factly realistic about the fickleness of her chosen career, and how conventions of beauty change around the world[…] Ju Xiaowen — announced as a new face of L’Oreal Paris in February — did well abroad because she had something unique, rather than adhering to ‘Chinese traditional aesthetic standards, which prize very big eyes, double eyelids, and pale and serene beauty’. The gulf in perception is so wide that her agency brings in foreign CEOs and bookers to assess their pre-vetted Chinese talent.” Read the full article right here.


The China Body Image debate; it will never grow old. Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder. Or the brand.


PS: Whilst you’re at it, do check out this FashionUnited “Boys in Pink” feature piece about genderless fashion taking Japan by storm. A non-monotonous must-read! Just ’cause.


PPS: The original Xu Naiyu piece was featured on the Agence France Presse website. Just dotting my i’s and tying my brogue laces here.