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Trending: Back To The Jing — Laurent Hou Holds Up A Spherical Mirror

One challenge posed to any artist is being able to take enough time for every project you decide to undertake, at times forcing you to revisit Brideshead in order to make some improving edits. Enter: Laurent Hou -- Beijing revisited.

Over the course of this blast into the past, this non-suffering artiste has learned he must sacrifice certain projects and ideas in order for his lens to maintain that prime-actual angle. Photography is, after all, all about mind-focus. And Hou is one man with a plan. 


Whether huddled up in the hutongs surrounding Zhongnanhai or trekking through the off the beaten path villages of North Africa, Hou to this day maintains a fresh outlook on everything new and unexpected the streets of China have to offer. From the Atlas to Beijing, Hou has a plan — A, B and See. 


















All imagery comes courtesy of Laurent Hou
Featured Image: Crowds at Beijing Strawberry Festival. Photography by Laurent Hou
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