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To Chase Or Not to Chase?

Chasing the Fashion Dragon or a Wild Goose?

That is not the question. The quest for some solid China Fashion statement is always on. Whilst only a few years ago,

one might have been in futile pursuit of this niche, nowadays, you can stumble across a sensory overload such as is currently the case at PMQ (the Hollywood Road former Police Married Quarters which received a creative makeover in 2014) in Hong Kong’s see-and-be-seen (in a neutral way) trend hub Sheung Wan.

A designer parquet of popup shops, sponsored by no less than 4 Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, has created a hive humming  with fashion-queen-bee (in a good way) activity. Cecilia Ma Couture, OECO OECO, Angelle Chang, The Refinery, and so on and so forth, have made sure yours truly is completed inundated with fresh China Fashion information and, in combination with a few sustainable and artisan Mainland goodies such as Freitag and L’Air, can halt the hunt and string the next Act together.

The real question is:

Does the PMQ creativity spill over into the neighboring streets or is it the other way around?


One thing has proven true:

Whereas looking for that perfect pair of turkey holiday shoes might send you on what turns out to be a Black Friday-tainted wild-goose chase, the search perimeters for some sound Dragon Fashion affirmation are rapidly narrowing down.