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The Angels Have Landed.

It's not all that easy peasy paddin'n'pie for foreign brands to cast an overseas-produced fishnet stocking over China's market.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels, that is. Liu Wen, Ming Xi and He Sui’s naughty catwalk get-ups will soon be available to the general Chinese public when the brand opens the gates to its first full retail store later this year in Shanghai, “offering its iconic bras and panties,” China Daily reports.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret
China’s Ming Xi at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City on November 10, 2015. Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.


Since January 2015, Victoria’s Secret has been carefully placing its so-called “concept stores” across the Mainland, from Chengdu to Chongqing, selling “an iconic, fashion-forward range of beauty products and accessories designed for the modern jet-setter,” according the statement issued last year. The stores also feature a photo gallery of the Victoria’s Secret models — for more info on the Asian Angels, read this Whatsonweibo piece — and “a video wall that broadcasts footage of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.” With strong sales curves as a result, indeed.


The brand’s slight detour to disrobe may come across as somewhat peculiar, but rumor has it it’s all about those trade policies. It’s not all that easy peasy paddin’n’pie for foreign brands to cast an overseas-produced fishnet stocking over China’s market as “the Chinese distribution systems differ from Western supply chains,” China Daily continues. Read the full article right here.


Given the Chinese client’s verve, to the dismay of more than one lingerie designer, for the pleasures of push-ups, pins ‘n ribbons, the Victoria Secret’s first full-feathered store is sure to attract quite the image more-sub-than-super-conscious Shanghai crowds. They’ll savor the Secret.