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Close-Up: China’s Drag Queens. The Fashion That Is Non-Binary Identification

Homosexuality in China was decriminalised in 1997 and in 2001 removed from the government’s list of mental disorders. This means China’s drag scene has evolved relatively quickly. Though the drag scene is in its comparative infancy here -- and despite ongoing media and censorship issues -- this doesn’t seem to stop the rhetoric in China surrounding the rise of drag. ... Read More

A Transition Into Womanhood Wearing A Cheongsam: Kai Cheng Thom Writes For Xtra

“As a trans woman and a diasporic Chinese person who has always felt painfully disconnected from her cultural heritage, the cheongsam feels like something that has always been just out of my reach, yet inextricably far away: a sense of ease with what I claim to be in the world.” Artist Kai Cheng Thom writes for Xtra. It’s Temper trending time.... Read More