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Swell SIX Wisdom: Vega Wang.

Some SIX Magazine wisdom: "A New Wang". Vega Wang.

Just a quick Fresh Fashion Tasty. Please note that the following was originally commissioned and written by Rachel Wu for SIX Magazine‘s China Issue which you should go check out right here. Now, for your sustainable, attainable and dandy fashion wisdom — with a slight androgynous vibe — give it up for:

Vega Zaishi Wang (王在) is the epitome of China’s new wave of fashion influencers: Chinese-born, with a cultivated vision drawn from education and experience abroad, and fueled by a fierce desire and patriotism to contribute to the creative landscape in the homeland. 

Wang’s collections are injected with her signature combination of purity of tone, exquisite hand-crafting and quiet charm, offering up masculine boxy shapes immaculately cut in rich, somber fabrics. For the full read, click here!

Photos: Vega Zaishi Wang

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