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Swell Dwellings

A swell splash of color can give any given place even more cachet.

Just another few swell impressions taken along my daily route; they literally give these Hong Kong dwellings even more cachet. Besides, adding a splash of color never hurt any wardrobe. What you see, is what you get.

Foxy Feline.
Foxy Feline.
2015-06-11 12.25.27
2015-06-11 12.25.16
Desperately Seeking Snap
2015-10-21 15.39.29
Don’t Worry, Be Happy (even penniless)
Piping Hot.
2015-10-21 15.40.20
“Oldie” but Goodie

A little token of my “citic sensibility”:

All in all, Hong Kong is like a scarlet woman; she can bleed you white, but her couleur locale can still turn you red-blooded.