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Siren’s Call (of the Lens)

No Greek mythology here, just good ole China photography.

No Greek mythology here, just plain ole photo “stuff”. After watching 2014’s “Iris Apfel” the other day and once again realizing the enchanting essence of fashion that is visualization (hey, Apfel is one hard-to-miss lady).

I drifted off reading up on some 1930s photography lighting (i.e. looking at the Chanel vision that was Wallis Simpson), straight into those famously melancholic Shanghai advertising posters – you know, the ones with the Chinese poster girls. And I thought to myself; I should feature somebody who knows about this picture-taking stuff.

Song “Siren” Yang is a Beijing-based photographer, who has her roots way up north in China’s icicle-covered Harbin – a captivating winter wonderland featuring an ice sculpture festival and tiger-petting (read: feeding)-zoo, just giving you the main idea here. Siren, the floor is yours; photography through the eye of the tiger (cheesy, I know and, well, I don’t care).

1. What is a photographer in your eyes?
Taking pictures is just like painting, creating music or writing a book. These are all ways and techniques of creating, used to convey your innermost thoughts and feelings; it’s all about the mood.
In my eyes, you can sufficiently record, express and even perpetuate the thought behind every “twinkling of an eye” through photography; it allows me, or others, to take in and truly feel the mood behind that particular moment when I captured the image.

2. What do you think is the difference between “standard” photography and fashion photography?
In fashion photography, you have to create or come up with a powerful way to portray the garments, make them the prominent feature – makes sense. Yet in your “average Wang” photography, you basically put all time and space to a halt to capture a specific moment or “twinkling of the eye”.
3. Is photography art?

Yes. It carries an individual’s artistic appreciation and passes it onto, or better, turns it into an expression of feelings.

4. What’ up with the progress/ evolution of photographers in China?
Following the increasingly upward living standards across China, people hold greater and greater expectations of the quality of artistry, artistic life in the nation. Especially in the past two years, we have witnessed a set of fashion photographers driving this tide onward, making more and more people simply understand more and more about photography. The overall progression of this industry has created much potential. I think that many among these driving photography forces will be in even greater demand sooner rather than later.

5. What meaning does China Fashion have for you in particular?
I personally am of the opinion that “fashion” or “being fashionable” entails following the “well-groomed” herd. It’s totally, completely and entirely about personal style; you just have to find what suits you (body and mind) in particular and then you can carry it on as your individual fashion statement! Besides, being unparalleled only gives people an even deeper impression and image of the person that is YOU!

Again, with these ever-increasing living standards here, people are raising the bar on their very own artistic values; fashion embodies the economic development of a society in a no-nonsense way, it’s a life concept.

Short ‘n sweet, just the way I like it. Besides, when you make your tiger-on-the-prowl moves through the jungle that is fashion and have draped yourself in one too many lianas, just go back to that quintessential 1930s chic and take off a leaf or two.


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