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PMQ: Popping Up and OUT

The Hong Kong PMQ-based EuroPop! means business. Lightning bold fashion biz.

Like a electric blue bold of greased lighting, might I add.

The EuroPop! (no, not the music which I secretly still shake all my limbs to — there might be a 90s revival in fashion, but no, not in music, if only) currently on display across Hong Kong Central’s former Police Married Quarters means business. Fearless and refreshing fashion biz.

The elaborate display of Chinese and Hong Kong Fresh Fashion Tasties (some of whom I borderline stalked to feature on here at length in the very near future– persistence pays off) shows the promise of some much-needed electroshock therapy to jolt fashion out of its annual [enter random decade] revival mode.

From the popping ‘n locking sculptural designs by Yeung Chin, the Classics Anew qipao conjured up by Janko Lam to the all-crayons-in-the-box-are-used Isatisse illustrations jotted down by designer Isabel Tong and the playful use of fabric as flaunted by Nanaz; they all fire up the imagination. Best part about it in my humble pages ? It shows all of fashion’s spunk. And none of its pretense.



What’s the old ominous warning again? Right, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, by all means, judge away. This popup is Da Bomb.