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China Fashion Find: China's latest skinny fad, brought to us by Whatsonweibo.

China Fashion Find: In anticipation of bigger and better China Dragon design stories, we got a few new kids on the block coming up soon, a China social media tidbit brought to us by firm favorite Whatsonweibo. And unlike the featured image may lead you to believe, this is not about one of the China feline’s most beloved accessories. Or is it…


“Fashion and ‘the art of’ being thin” is a topic much ink has been spilled over through the years, especially the past two decades. Not getting into that particular debate here. People, just keep it simple and stick to my credo: Too much of anything, even a good thing, is bad for you. But too much of good whiskey is barely enough. (That last one actually belongs to Mark Twain. I just agree. In terms of red wine.) Either way…

You thought we were joking? Nope.

China and its female population’s fixation on being petite and thin with big eyes and a pointy chin, which we’ve mentioned on Chasing The Fashion Dragon before, is a whole different animal. From the A4-waist to the 50RMB-wrist, I’m not making this stuff up, this beast seems even harder to tackle, let alone tame.


Guo Diandan for Whatsonweibo writes: “Now that China’s ‘A4 waist’ online challenge has swept across Sina Weibo, it is time for another trend to show off how skinny you are: the ‘iPhone 6 legs’ (iPhone6腿) rage[…] Over the past few days, ‘iPhone 6 legs’ have become a trending topic, with thousands of female netizens posting pictures that show how their smartphones can cover their skinny legs.”


Ridiculous as this latest social media fad may seem, how far does its thinspo (to the next level) influence stretch? Far beyond the legs, methinks.


Read the full piece right here! Because it’s worth it.