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Luxury Brands Do Monkey Business

From Vuitton to Nike, all want to get in on the Monkey business.

Photo: Shutterstock

The Year of the Monkey has arrived. This beige, white and light-blue loving animal rings in the new year with a set of sales-enhancing luxury paraphernalia. From Vuitton to Nike, all want to get in on the Monkey business. At what cost, though?


Given their ever-slimming sales across the Mainland, Western luxury brands view  this time of celebration as a last resort for upping their cash register rates. The limited editions on offer, however, have not all been warmely welcomed by the public. “Widely mocked new products include a monkey pendant necklace by Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder’s limited-edition Monkey Powder Compact and Piaget’s aesthetically questionable watch featuring a monkey holding a peach,” reports.


“Nike, one of China’s most popular brands, made perhaps the most high profile cultural faux pas when it released trainers for Year of The Monkey with a traditional Chinese character 發 (“Fa” meaning getting richer) on one shoe, and 福 (“Fu” meaning fortune arrives) on the other. While both characters are widely used during Chinese New Year, combining them together to make “Fa Fu” means getting fat, an error sparking great entertainment on Chinese social media,” the article continues.


Aiyaaaa, from Monkey to Mockery. Happy Chinese New Year!