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Luxurious Bouquet Designs At All Times — A Better Florist Hong Kong

Roses are red, violets are blue… From the Amaryllis to Carnations to Sunflowers or the Black velvet Petunia, flowers are the ultimate story-telling tool.

With hundreds upon hundreds of underlying meanings and symbolisms hidden behind each petal, color and flower type, it’s no wonder that we all turn to florists for a little extra help in expressing ourselves through gorgeous blooms. The majority of people adore flowers and in addition adore gifting them, so don’t overcomplicate things and simply opt for A Better Florist, the No.1 blossoming florist in Hong Kong.

A Better Florist
Image courtesy of A Better Florist, Hong Kong

A Better Florist has a curated selection of bouquets, flowers, flower stands, funeral wreaths and everything else you could possibly think of in terms of flora. Each and every one design has been created to serve a certain purpose, given this florist team knows that flowers aren’t just for aesthetics — they have meaning. In that light, no matter how busy life may get, you can always get beautiful, meaningful flowers on the go. The Better Florist team completely changes the way you shop for flowers. They ensure you will be on your way holding a luxuriously designed bouquet time and time again — without having to wait for it.

A Better Florist
Image courtesy of The Better Florist, Hong Kong

This central Hong Kong florist was one of the first ones to have a same day flower delivery service available every day, and a free one to boot, as long as you place your order before 3PM. On top of all that, the same day flower delivery too comes free of charge. If you’re looking for an even faster option, The Better Florist offers its clients express flower delivery. With this option, you can have your flowers delivered to any part of Hong Kong within just 90 minutes.

The Better Florist also offers the best fruit baskets — always a great gift idea for the holidays or just someone you want to surprise with a both healthy and tasty present. Beautiful statement gifts, these baskets are. The shop carries hampers as well, ranging from a “get well soon” hamper, one of the most popular choices, to the “baby” hamper, ideal for, you guessed it, baby showers.

A Better Florist
Image courtesy of A Better Florist, Hong Kong

A Better Florist can also be found across Bangkok, Dubai and Penang; this gives you the option to depend on the best Hong Kong flower delivery outside of Hong Kong too. You won’t be disappointed given no matter where the order is placed, the Better Florist philosophy stays the same.

You can shop from this Hong Kong florist online or inside the physical shop itself, but the online option is definitely proving a favorite with flora-lovers across the area, especially when in need of swift gift delivery. All the more reason to give A Better Florist a go!












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