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Yin Chao: “Love In Tibet”

Yin Chao fashion shoot set in a fantastical green fields scenery.

Nope, still not getting political on here — with the Dalai Lama once again calling for Tibetan unity less than 24 hours ago. I must hereby dutifully avouch that I lack the sufficient knowledge on the topic of  the ” Autonomy Or No Autonomy?” conundrum the region has found itself in since the 2o10 ending of formal negotiations with Beijing. There, I said it. This headline refers to one Total Betty shoot by my personal China photography favorite: Yin Chao (阴超).


Fashion implies “photography” which in turn equals “pictorial temptation”. Or it should, at least. There are plenty of those pointing at the glossies-at-hand who claim many a modern-day fashion spread has run the gamut, i.e. the people in charge have run out of ideas or literally lost their minds. Fair enough, I’d dare say, as unfortunately we no longer live in that fashion fructifying (guess who got her hands on that thesaurus again) Vreeland age anymore. But, behold! Aside from dedicating my Instagram page entirely to China’s fashion visionaries over the past week, this photo-shoot can throw those glossy criticasters for some loop lighting.


Today’s “Born For Love — in Tibet” spread, originally published in Marie Claire China October 2015, was brought to us by the Asiatorialist, a visual celebration of Asian models (here: Meng Zheng — 孟证) , photographers and design founded and edited by David Leung. China has over the years produced a number of highly successful and respected fashion photographers, including Beijing-born Chen “The Chinese Annie Leibowitz” Man (陳漫), Chinese-Singaporean Zhang Jingna (张晶娜), New York-living Kai Z Feng and today’s hot pictorial piece aka Yin.

Yin Chao Portrait 2012. Photo:

Yin is widely recognized as one of China’s leading fashion photographers. He in 2009 founded his own firm SUPER STUDIO. According to the Asiatorialist, “Yin thinks photography is not only his work and passion, but it is through photography that he can express all sorts of attitudes, from fashion and lifestyle, to affection, love and friendship […] Every shoot He memorable experience, skillfully capturing the ambience and integral elements of each live situation made available to him.”


Take a slider peep at what this photographer did for fashion whilst settled in this fantastical green fields scenery. For the full spread, please visit the Asiatorialist right here. Because it’s beautiful.


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Photos: The Asiatorialist, via Marie Claire China.