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Irish Fashion Curator Talks China Design

China Fashion Find: Irish Fashion Curator Gemma A. Williams Talks China Design.

China Fashion Find: I’m crying on the floor an stuffing my face with every kind of cheese and sauce known to man that I can possibly get my dainty fingers on.



Recap. Whilst I may not exactly be doing the above at present, I do have other “outlets”, I am every shade of green known to Cavalli with envy. She beat me to it (hey, we all have dreams)…Who? What? Behold:


Irish fashion curator Gemma A. Williams presents her book “Fashion China, an illustrated look at China’s contemporary fashion scene, capturing the industry’s attention with its stylish overview of a culture that is becoming increasingly accessible”. Read the full interview by Holly O’Neill for right here! I shall add it to my China Fashion collection.

Thames&Hudson: Fashion China.


Well. I guess we should never compare ourselves to others. In the words of Grand Maester Lagerfeld:

“Personality begins where comparison ends.”