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Hung Huang Puts In Her Two Maos.

China Fashion Find: Hung Huang on China's role within the global industry.

With “fashion month” long gone and the drawings for your 2017 wardrobe already up on the moodboards, Chinese multimedia-mogul and Jing Daily columnist Hung Huang (洪晃) on March 8 put in her two maos on the topic of China’s role within the global fashion scene. Jing Daily lined up her best insights right here.


With many an international fashion publisher currently preoccupied with the whole new law on banning foreign media from publishing online content in China, the details of which remain shrouded in a fabulously obscure shade, the plot only thickens. What effect, if any, might this regulation indeed have on the fresh Chinese designer trying to get a piece of the global fashion pie? We’ll find out soon enough, plus I’m sure Hung will have a shade or two to throw at it as well.

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