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Huang Jianmin: Photography, Amsterdam, Fashion.

Wytse Koetse in "Jimmy on the run" takes us behind one man and his lens. Huang Jianmin: Past, present and future -- via Whatsonweibo.

A China Fashion Find in Amsterdam via Whatsonweibo: China-born photographer Huang Jianmin roams the streets of Amsterdam immer on the lookout for that one raw vibe, that one authentic NOW moment. Documentary maker Wytse Koetse in “Jimmy on the run” takes us behind the man and his lens: Past, present and future.

Running after everything: Huang Jianmin. Image courtesy of

“Amsterdam has helped me open my eyes to new things. In China, I always felt restricted. In school, I had to wear a uniform and the teachers were very strict. I grew up with Deng Xiaoping, but we learned that Mao was the sun. He was like a God to us. We had one cinema and the only movies we saw were those about Mao fighting against the Japanese,’ Huang tells Whatsonweibo. Read more right here!

Check out the full short documentary “Jimmy on the Run” by Koetse on Vimeo. Worth a click; or two.
Photos: Whatsonweibo.