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Hong Kong: Through The Looking Glass

Hong Kong Island West: Through the looking glass... Or the kitchen window. Ahem.

Or the kitchen window. Apparently. Some people say Mongkok District — a hop, a skip, a ferry and an escalator removed from the Island — features Hong Kong’s Graffiti Hall of Fame.

Well then, dear “some people”: Try losing your way, your calm and yourself (as usual, I do mean this in the literal sense; maybe I’m just not that introspective or maybe I’m just a Dumb Dora) in the uphill labyrinths of Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun areas.

Mark you me, not only will you get in some serious Brazilian stomping for the day, but additionally you will brush against the cat’s pajamas of graffiti accessorized with the neon-spanking-flash street art from dark horse Lys Doe to French JM Robert. They might be found uphill, but they certainly ain’t upstage.


Wild Hong Kong Island West art, in all shapes and forms, does make for a wicked Wednesday. Whoopee!


PS: I’ve been watching “Boardwalk Empire” again, hence today’s hotsy-totsy Hong Kong scenic description inebriated with some Roaring Twenties flamboyance. Apologies.