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From Dusk ‘Til Dawn: Alicia Lee

Alicia Lee: A small preview of this Fashion Tasty dish au vin who is headed to NYFW come February.

My fellow rooster Alicia Lee sketches and sows her days away, from dusk ’til dawn, crying out to the creme de la creme in China’s showbiz (and I’m talking serious A-listers, not FROW Z-whatevers).  And her creative crowing is getting increasingly wider in reach; from reality-ready-to-wear to flauntsome high fashion. Here, I just give you a small preview of this Fashion Tasty dish au vin.


Alicia Lee Design is headed to New York Fashion Week in February 2016, as part of a 5-way show sponsored by This particular little rooster typing away (i.e. mE mE mE) will make sure to catch a shiny ray of her catwalk extravaganza. (I don’t think Lee is actually a big fan of the word “extravagant”, but I am .) Either way, a beak-sharp Spartan intro befits.


Shandong Province -born stylist and designer Lee held a candle for the arts from an early age on, yet this type of career choice was somewhat frowned upon by the powers-that-be (i.e. her family). Her fiery enthusiasm for the art that is Fashion left un-dampened by this early morning dew, Lee in 2008 set up her own fashion brand Willow Willow in the heart of the national capital that is Beijing. As they say, one simply cannot sneak a sunrise past the rooster.


Inspiration is infinite and Lee soon decided to continue her foxy voyage to higher fashionable ground under her namesake label. Whether it concerns a concept (a la “dusk” or “regal”), an emotion or (especially fashion) history, Lee manages to combine every sketch with the appropriate texture, culminating in designs layered both in the literal as well as in the figurative sense. Add the looseness of the 1920s silhouette, some exaggerated goth or a 1950s Stepford wife nod and you got yourself a collection for connaisseurs to covet.


For those having trouble visualizing my words, just think of a proud gothic queen dressed in cold reptile skin, the harshness and darkness of leather combined with the innocence and softness silk chiffon or the vulnerability of pastel-crocheted lace over a sturdy broad black tie. See?


The detailed drawings of the 1920s eyebrow, a smidge of that 50s golden age glow and some seriously mixing of fabric font-de-teints finished off with a lacy touch of translucent powder, make up the pallet for Lee’s SS2016 collection. Rise and shine, indeed.




I may have gotten a bit carried away with the whole Chinese horoscope Rooster theme. Be that over-the-top as may, we are the vainest and best-dressed of them all. Cock a doodle do.

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