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From Chongqing To New York City: Yang Lu. A China Daily Visual. 从重庆到纽约时装周:杨露在纽约发布2017春夏系列 — 中国网视觉.

New York Fashion Week on September 14 saw yet another China Fashion Dragon making his runway debut: 30-year-old Chongqing native Yang Lu.

Needless to say, yet very necessary to avoid all “confusion”, all video props here go to China Daily US of A. New York Fashion Week on September 12 saw yet another China Fashion Dragon making his NYC designer debut. 30-year-old Chongqing native Yang Lu took to the city’s Artbeam stage and ruled the stomps. 

Bold and borderline-brazen design from a soft-spoken watercolor-painter by education.

Supported by Citigroup, the SS17 LU YANG BY YANG LU show saw the light of NYFW’s Artbeam catwalk on September 12 — VIP invitation only, mind you.

在美国花旗集团的支持下,中国重庆本土品牌LU YANG BY YANG LU采用VIP邀请制、社交媒体等的走秀展示形式,将于2016年9月12日在纽约ARTBEAM秀场发布其最新2017春夏系列。

China Daily USA attended the show and captured the backstage nerves, last minute touch-ups  and overall modish mayhem on its chinadailyus” YouTube channel to share with us mere mortal onlookers! Take a peek and let the visuals plus the visionary speak for themselves.

The reason fashion sees so many John and Jane Does stems from a lack of dough; ‘collection’ equals ‘cold hard cash’.

With Fashion Week circus prepping to visit its four fashion-besotted capitals — New York, London, Paris and Milan — Citigroup (Citibank Corporation) executives decided to exclusively sponsor Chinese fashion designer Yang Lu’s NYFW debut in a bid to execute the ultimate merger between the ultimate dominating influencer dominions of Finance and Fashion — how very “American Psycho” Valentino. The reason fashion sees so many John and Jane Does come and go, stems from a lack of dough; “collection” equals “cold hard cash”. That’s just the cold harsh truth.



This long-term sponsorship program sponsored by local curatorial New York company Nocardia and Globe Fashion Week ( insists on tapping into the ever-expanding pool of outstanding Chinese designer brands and lifting them onto a word-class quality fashion platform. In cooperative combination with NYFW, this can prove a highly Illuminati-powerful combination. (No, I am not a delusional believer in QEII making human sacrifices and a world (E-)whipped by the likes of Jay ‘n Bey, but the “I” word gets the powerful point across.)


NYFW seemed like the logical place for LU YANG BY YANG LU’s first international release. And it was only the first stop on the new sponsorship program’s global, yet not hostile, fashion takeover. This show is on the road — a visually very delectable road, at that!

此次选择纽约时装周作为其海外发布的首选地,LU YANG BY YANG LU瞄准纽约时尚领地,将纽约时装周作为其海外发布的第一站。势必为时尚人士带来一场印象深刻的时装秀!

In such fashion came and went the (probably) most exciting day in this new Made in China designer’s life thus far, brought to us by China Daily in a looky looky New York minute! Counting Jil Sander, the Antwerp Six and Marina Yee among his favorites and with a minimalist mindset, his target audience — the 30+ urban woman — is bound to come back for more.

Featured Image: Yang Lu at NYFW S/S17 by Jing Daily.

Photos: LU YANG BY YANG LU Instagram.