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One Chinese couple celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary has made it onto shopping mall billboards.

A foxy lady may lose her hair, but never her fashionable tricks — with “tricks” being a good thing here. Yes, I could have opted for the “leopard”- or “zebra”-based proverbs, but the Dutch version starring a fox just did the trick here. So. Another elderly couple makes China Fashion headlines.

An elderly couple from Handan, located in northern China’s Hebei Province, on June 12 decided to capture their 64th wedding anniversary for all eternity by posing for a fashionable photo shoot, the People’s Daily Online reports. Little did they know, the images would soon attract wordwide netizen attention. This is not a first, though…

The Middle Kingdom currently has 222 million people aged over 60, accounting for 16 per cent of the country’s population. Now, some of them have become cybersupermodels for a day in the past few years.

As they say, old is gold; in 2016, literal online gold.

China in 2012 introduced the world to 72-year-old grandfather Liu Xianping who charmingly helped out his granddaughter by modeling womenswear for her Taobao (the No.1 online shopping Walhalla in China) Yuekou boutique. The man posed up a storm bearing a variety of  preppy items, from  scarves, leather bags and frilly socks to coats and statement necklaces. The pictures went viral and sales went skyrocketing. (Photos: Yuekou Boutique)

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Then, in January of 2016, one 85-year-old farmer who had tended to the rice paddies all his life boasted onto the scene despite never having worn a suit in his 85 years. “A series of photos of Ding Bingcai, nattily dressed and striking elegant poses, taken by his fashion photographer grandson (Ding Guoliang) went viral on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo,” CNN Style reported at the time. (Photos: Ding Guoliang aka “Jesse”)

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Getting back to our loved-up-models du moment, their pictures have made it onto shopping mall billboards and giant television screens across Hebei Province. The nonagenarianspeaking of sustainability in China — pair opted to  showcase the different activities they now take part in during retirement. They posed reading, shopping for fruit, going for walks and ready to take on some B-Ball.

As they say, old is gold; in 2016, literal online gold. (Photos: Hebei Daily)

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