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Donald Trump. China Ties.

Donal Trump and China Fashion: A story of money ties.

Photos: Donald J. Trump Menswear Collection


Let’s get political, then! Kind of. Donald, Donald, Donald… Is there any pie you don’t have a few fingers in? Or should I say “zhou” (粥, a staple China (breakfast) congee thing).


The man — whose running for the US Presidency started out as a joke to many, but with six months left to go … the laughter has been silenced — issues the Donald J. Trump Collection, a line of men’s dress shirts, suits, ties and accessories. And, as CNN so kindly points out, ” all of which have been made by factories overseas, where labor costs are a fraction of what it would cost in the U.S.”


Trump is known to be hotly bothered by the Middle Kingdom, especially in regards to China’s manipulation of its currency, the renminbi. Despite the renminbi officially being declared as “no longer undervalued” as of March 2015, Trump likes to bring it up. A lot. The man blames cheap Chinese products for “stock market turmoil in the United States and for robbing American workers of jobs because domestic companies can’t sell enough goods.” Thank you, Investopedia. Nevertheless, it seems the call of cheap labor is one far too sweet, after all.

“Donald Trump may claim to have the backs of U.S. workers, but when it comes to making shirts for those backs, Trump has chosen to make his shirts overseas,” CNN continues. His overall campaign rhetoric starkly contrasts the practices of his own fashion business, “which experts say has followed the path of many other clothing makers by jumping from country to country in search of the lowest wages and cheapest production costs.” Including China.


Trump’s ties with China are strong, indeed. Pun intended. He has in the recent past been faced with questions about the overseas manufacturing of his namesake clothing brand. Regarding, for example, the male accessories on those Donald shelves, Trump told CNN that “his ties were manufactured in China because they have manipulated their currency to such a point that it’s impossible for our companies to compete.” Okay.


Whatever way the combover goes, with the end of cheap China labor in fact in sight, it may be high time for Trump to just call it a fashionable day, pack up those ties bearing the sweet smell of non-sustainability and have a Mexico-produced Oreo. Or a nice slice of American apple pie.


As far as the Trump menswear collection itself goes… I’d bring up the 80s and their narcissistic American Psycho yuppie-styled clothing-sense-meets-hairdos-and-facials, but my democratic self just doesn’t do the running joke.

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