China Fashion Finds

Classic Cheongsams. Anno 2016.

The keys to the Cheongsam/Qipao Queendom. Yolanda Luo and Classics Anew.

Or qipaos; whatever floats your well-dressed boat. I like mixing it up.


Yolanda Luo, a China Fashion peer and my personal cheongsam Michelin guide, keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in Qipao Land. Maneuvering manicuredly between such China Fashion concubines (might catch some feisty flack for using this term; oh well) as Classics Anew (新装如初) and Xique Cheongsam, Luo knows where to get your dainty hands on this ador(n)ed old-fashioned update.


Yolanda Luo, your key (oh yes, I went there) to the Cheongsam/Qipao Queendom. Classics Anew.


Check out Luo’s Instagram right here to get a daily dose of the finest in China’s Cheongsam Fashion anno 2016. Good taste never goes out of style.


PS: Just for good tailormade measure, a brief qipao fashion history touch up:  South China Morning Post.