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Chinese Generosity. In Japan.

China Fashion Find: Chinese Generosity in Japan. The Straits Times reports.

A China Fashion Find that stood out for me today; not so much in fashionable terms, but all the more in historical ones. The Straits Times reports how Chinese tourists have helped “boost sales at Japanese premium outlet malls owned by Mitsubishi Estate to a record last year”. Get the full story right here.


China is quite well-known for harboring quite the anti-Japanese sentiment which finds its roots in modern history. Every now and then, the animosity will come to a boil yet again, mostly in the shape of some anti-Japan demonstrations — think 2012. More creative — read: “Razzie” — outlets were the several 2015 TV dramas taped in the run-up to the 70th anniversary of the country’s WWII victory over Japan. (Do take a behind-the-scenes glance at those here.) One such series apparently kicked up quite the drama among Chinese audiences due to its “pornographic scenes”. Sounds promising.


All in all, it was nice of the Chinese consumer to help resuscitate another nation’s flatlining consumer spending; a very generous act of mode mercy. Plus, when it comes to buying luxury brands outside of the Mainland, there ain’t no Mount Fuji high enough to come between the Chinese shopper and their brand new watch.