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China’s Fashion Grads.

Beijing on May 20 hosted its China Graduate Fashion Week -- the game's in the name.
Featured image: China Daily


Beijing on May 20 hosted its China Graduate Fashion Week (CGFW) — the game’s in the name. Appearing annually, CGFW is an high tech and much-coveted pursuit which previews the collections from scorching hot young design talent within the Asia-Pacific region. Just take a look at the playful shapes and sizes graduates from Xiamen’s Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University, had to offer. (Photos:

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This particular annual Fashion Week comes in addition to the half-yearly held Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, an event far from exciting due to money (read: investors) often dragooning creativity. One entertaining exception this year was a handful of new-but-noted designers such as Xuan Zuo, Zhao Qianyan, Yan Ti and Ding Yong participating. Admittedly, another interesting feature was the Mary Katrantzou show, a London pioneer in the field of digital printing. But back to business: CGFW.

A creation from the Southwest University. Photo:

I for one am a massive fan of this “outside the box” showcase and took it all in with much gusto. Chinese State News Agency Xinhua also kept its cameras firmly focused on the runways and captured some of its quirkiest, darkest and simply grandiose — that Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts yields quite the potential — creations. Say or laugh what you will, but this Fashion Week is what I do call a headturner.

A Fine Arts Academy fully hand-threaded structural showstopper; Mexico meets China. Photo:

CGFW gives young talent the opportunity to showcase their fashion incentives, market themselves and build the right channels to get their designs onto store hangers. One of the week’s most prominent features was the 21st China Fashion New Designer show. Being able to add this one to your resume will bring any young fashion designer an immediate level of “promising prestige”.


Rounding things up: Enough with the written word, here follow some CGFW slideshow visuals. As envisioned by the graduates from the Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic Institute and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, respectively. (Photos:

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