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China Fashion Hits Jilin Prison.

"Orange Is The New Black" hits China's Jilin Province.

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Netflix hit “Orange Is The New Black” takes on a whole new meaning in China’s Jilin Province. 


“The Jilin Women’s Prison in the northeast province of Jilin, China, recently put on a flamboyant fashion show in which both prison guards and prisoners took part[…]The overall effect of showcasing the performance is to create the impression that Jilin Women’s Prison is a humane place for the incarceration of its female population,” reports The Epoch Times on February 7.


Perhaps the real message here is that, in true prison fashion, nothing is what is seems; one cannot judge an ad by its photoshopped toner. Plus, in true China style, no sheer fabrics are on display. The Taboo that is Transparency, perhaps?