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China Fashion Walks The Walk At Jurmala’s Yincool Fashion Weekend.

China Fashion, meet Latvia. Yincool Fashion Weekend lasted four consecutive days, culminating in a number of firework fashion highlights at Jurmala Beach, Latvia.

New cool kid on the block YINCOOL is making headway as a new digital printing platform launched in China, presented in Latvia and led by a parent company in Germany. Fashion blogger and new Temper Magazine bae Aya Aspan takes it all in.

In collaboration with designers and digital influencers, YINCOOL presents its first batch of items ranging from cozy blankets and oversized Tees to funky iPhone cases and tote bags. 

Blogger Aya Aspan with Yincool project manager Alexia Michel
CoolCats. Blogger Aya Aspan and Yincool Project Manager Alexia Michel.

Named after and hosted on behalf of a recent startup project, Yincool Fashion Weekend took place in the fascinating Baltic coast area and attracted both European and Chinese designers, plus their respective fashion industries, with the agenda to raise brand awareness among attendees and generate international PR and business opportunities between the Chinese and European markets.

This new digital printing platform launched in China, presented in Latvia and led by a parent company in Germany on July 30 celebrated its kick off as the latest cat’s meow with a Fashion Weekend set at Latvia’s Jurmala beach. From Latvian Baiba Ladiga to China’s Lu Kun, Yincool delivered!

Every Yincool product and detail is custom-produced on demand through uncomplicated production methods and logistics. It’s both the creative’s and client’s dream.

The Deets

Before things get tangled up and we dive into atmospheric pictures and memories of the event, allow me to get the facts straight.

YINCOOL is the first marketplace to offer lifestyle products fully customized by Chinese and Western influencers and designers. In other words, Yincool provides a platform where customers can upload their designs, have them printed onto any selected item and subsequently get their order delivered to any part of the world. Not only can a customer play around with the platform’s various DIY options, but additionally can purchase a ready-to-go item designed by fashion and graphic designers or even influencers.

The best part of it all is that the platform does not keep a stock list, meaning every detail is custom-produced on demand using zero-complication production methods and logistics; it’s any client’s dream. The products are manufactured in Germany with topnotch quality and can be sold worldwide. Long story short, it’s fun, it’s free and it’s the easiest way to monetize your graphics.

A little FYI for those waiting to grab the bull by the horns: The Yincool website is currently up and running in beta version at and will be accessible to its full capacity very soon; stay tuned!

White sands and one white fashion-filled tent at Yincool Fashion Weekend, Jurmala Beach, Latvia

Five designers showcased their most recent collections on the runway and Yincool itself presented a line of fashion and lifestyle items newly produced in collaboration with a number of designers and influencers.

The Weekend

Back to the fun part, it is! Some fine wining and dining, the sound of popping champagne bottles and a view of models gracefully sliding down the runway. Yincool Fashion Weekend lasted four consecutive days, culminating in a number of firework fashion highlights. Please do excuse me for sounding like your typical typing cliché, but when you see a white tent standing in the middle of one perfectly white-sand beach overlooking the sea and basking in the soft sound of waves rolling up and down the sand, the setting is nothing short of magnificent. And that makes for some highly agreeable style-spotting.

Five designers showcased their most recent collections on the runway and Yincool itself presented a line of fashion and lifestyle items newly produced in collaboration with a number of designers and influencers. I’ll admit to having a few initial reservations about my personal capability to sit through six shows in a row parked inside a tent on a hot beachy day, but little did little old me know about the power of aesthetic pleasure, good wine and better company. Time flies when you’re having drinks on the beach, right?! With a little coffee (read: wine) break between each set of two shows, guests had the chance to talk some more among each other and fully take in the picturesque scenery.

Runway Ready.

The Designers

Keta Gutmane kicked off the runway showcase with her layers of texture variety, highly constructed pieces and empowered imagery of female domination. This Latvian brand is stocked internationally from Europe to Egypt to China.

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Another Latvian design mastermind Baiba of the Baiba Ladiga brand is a conceptual designer who moved back to Riga, Latvia, from Shanghai, China (where she was based before for many years), not too long ago. After partaking in various fashion shows and events as conceptual artist, Baiba established her ready-to-wear line and presented her first collection at Riga Fashion Week during the AW 2014 season. At the moment, her collections are sold across Europe, Japan and China, with her avant-garde pieces are worn by style icons such as international street style model Lily Gatins.

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A colorful counter-attack to the avant-garde pieces adhering to a strictly dark color palette, Italian Morfosis designs and produces a sophisticated and fully complete pret-à-porter line marked by their meticulous attention to details, exquisitely tailored garments and carefully crafted fine fabrics produced entirely inside artisanal Italian workshops according to the traditional sartorial modes. The Morfosis use of bold colors communicates personal expression, with the inclusion of floral elements adding a touch of femininity.

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The non-EU designers selected to flaunt their finest were Lu Kun and CIME. Both of Chinese origin, these designers went a mile further in presenting their collection at Yincool Fashion Weekend. Not only did they stretch their sea legs right onto the Baltic coast runway, but they managed to create a very first batch of lifestyle products in collaboration with Yincool. Both feminine yet different in their feel, CIME represents a more XXI century princess-like wardrobe, whereas Lu strikes the eye with a slice of modern sophisticated elegance found across China’s first-tier cities.

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Last but not the least, the peeps at Yincool witnessed their own rising runway star moment when the platform unveiled its first-ever fashion and lifestyle pieces. Their show wrapped up a fun- and fashion-filled four-day display, taking an easy and relaxed breather with models walking the runway, taking selfies and dancing during the mass finale. The Yincool platform will continue to grow its eponymous brand, producing capsule collections in collaboration with innovative and ground-breaking designers and influencers.

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The Attendees

It wasn’t just the designs that made a sight for sore eyes; the guest list in se read like a regular who’s who of the European fashion industry. Allow me to pick ‘n tell…

Simone Guidarelli, an original Italian talent who has shot more than 50 covers for the likes of Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamor Italia, hundreds of campaigns, plus a plethora of celebrity and fashion spreads. Fulvia Galbusera, buyer of La Rinascente in Milan, who was wearing her signature denim jacket with a mid-size Mickey Mouse fluffy toy sewed onto the back. Editors and media reps including Francesca Zaccagnini of The Blonde Salad, Marzio Nocera of Fashion Channel, Andrea Chinese of Mediaset and Rosario Morabito of Milano Finanza. Our Asian team flew in from Shanghai and included IT-girl and upcoming blogger Natasha Lau, blogger and media relations specialist Annie Uu, Perry Liu of Sohu Fashion and myself, an international blogger and contributing editor to several online and print fashion magazines.

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The Foreseeable Future

After all has been popped and locked, the music has died and the lights have gone down, I’d say Yincool is just getting started and has much more fashion- and lifestyle-spiked innovation to look forward to coming up in the near future. Picanova, the German company behind the Yincool project, is set to host another showcase in Shanghai where new exciting artistic collaborations will light up the main stage.

Whilst Yincool is open to the idea of pure fashion pieces as a topic of selected collaborations and capsule collections, the platform will for the foreseeable future target most of its production towards cozy lifestyle products. And last but certainly not least, always remember that despite Yincool driving its power into the Chinese market, the platform is very much available to be accessed from — and its products delivered to — all four corners of the globe!

paragraph 4 - Yincool products
A selection of Yincool’s very own products.

To learn more about the project and to be part of this innovative hub when creating your own line of next cool lifestyle products, contact me at with a subject line “I want to be yinCOOL”.

Monetizing your designs has never been more easily done and more creatively fun. It has never been this COOL.

Designers and international guests of Jurmala Fashion Weekend
The designers and international guests of Jurmala Fashion Weekend.














Written by Aya Aspan for Temper Magazine
Edited by Elsbeth van Paridon
Images: All images come courtesy of YINCOOL
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