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Celia B: Shanghai’s Spanish Fashion Fury

Style yourself into ultra-feminine cayenne-flavored frontpage news with CeliaB. Fuego!

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“A Spanish Fury was a vindictive, rampant bloody pillaging of cities in the Low Countries by mutinous Spanish troops, occurring in the years 1583 and 1589, during the Dutch Revolt.” Thank you, Wikipedia.


The majority of adjectives associated with the Latin personality fuego anno 2016, is sown along the following lines. Temperamental with every sentence that leaves the lips, colorful in every sense that captures the eyes and ears, a fantastical(ly) Frida Kahlo-filled history in the Arts and that overall southern-inspired intensity. All in all, Latinas have been a much-covered and-coveted topic in many arty areas over the past decades, with today’s particular designer combining her mild and delicate textures with those strong and bright flavors found in the soulful Mediterranean cuisine.
Far be it from yo truly, being Dutch and all that, to mess with any Spanish fury; that would simply be corta de luces (thank you, Matadornetwork). Truth be told, one glance at this senorita’s passion-hued collection got me hooked. Hence, The China Fashion Dragon presents: Shanghai-based Celia Bernardo of CeliaB designs, in her own non-slow cooked words. A Fresh Fashion Tasty for your China-red hot chili peppered delight. Take a tapas bite.

Sowing, stitching, crocheting, knitting… CeliaB celebrates sultry summer all year round. Copyright@CeliaB


1. Celia, what have you got up those cayenne-colores sleeves? [FYI, I may have been banned from more than one kitchen for more than one reason, some indeed affiliated with fuego, but I do still know what cayenne pepper is.]

Bernardo: “CeliaB is a Spanish brand founded in 2012. Colorful, fun and quirky, CeliaB develops amazing designs that make any woman shine! I create optimistic eccentric clothing for the confident, dynamic and creative woman, all the while using a globally influenced craftsmanship.”


2. Why did you turn to the stitching/knitting/et al. craft?

Bernardo: “I chose to become a fashion designer because I wanted to have the freedom to express my own point of view regarding aesthetics and creation. Simple, short ‘n sweet.”

Style yourself into ultra-feminine frontpage news. Copyright@CeliaB

3. The sowing and stitching “Triple S” questionnaire: Sustainability, Silhouette and Style.
Bernardo: “My sustainability comes from protecting the diversity of aesthetics that is in danger of extinction in this ever-globalizing world. The fashion industry is developing fast trends that unify the way of dressing, no matter where you are.
I prefer to dig into old traditions and tribes and work with handmade techniques trying to preserve the value of things done slowly.” [See? No slow paella cooking here. Though Bernardo’s use of color is just as enticing-looking.]
“I tend to work with ultra-feminine shapes; this habit might stem back to my Latin roots… I absolutely love ruffles, miniskirts, tassels, embellishments, colors, vivid prints, and everything else that makes women feel as beautiful as the most exquisite flower.”

Tassels, embellishments and crochet, all infused with the vivid Latin temper. Copyright@CeliaB

4. Do Southerners love a saffron sun-dried tomato dyed Summer? [Just going through a list of much-used Spanish herbs and spices here. Yes, Google aplenty in this bite delight.]

Bernardo: “My clothes work very well in summer, simply because people tend to wear more colors during that time. Yet I must admit that knitwear and crochet are in general very big with us southerners. We just love every season, all year round!”
4. Where do you spot sultry inspiration?
Bernardo: “My inspiration comes from so many places: My childhood, my daily life, my friends, my muses… But mostly from my travels and the different aesthetics that I collect from a multitude of places with a rich textile tradition such as Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Perú, Bolivia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Gambia or Morocco. I’m traveling all the time and all the while collecting images every step of the way. These points may all sound wildly far-off and unrelated, but I connect the dots online by showing images of my references alongside the final collections.”

A/W 2015: Indigenous diversity from all over the globe. These flared pants: Hook, line and sinker, I say. Copyright@CeliaB

6. What’s your opinion of the Mainland China Fashion scene anno 2016?
Bernardo: “I think it’s a super exciting moment! There are many wonderful brands on the current scene and the audience is very receptive – increasingly so, in fact.”

A/W2015: Midnight In The Oasis — with this gorgeous imagery by Lolita Sharun. Copyright@CeliaB

7. Last but not least: CeliaB in 2016, world domination?

Bernardo: “Actually, I shall be moving both my studio and production to Thailand in order to develop my own textiles and work with local crafters. Quite the undertaking, but hopefully as rewarding as it is exciting!”


Celia, you’re a fashion conquistadora (nope, to the dismay of many, my cheesiness did not end with 2015) in my book already. And I still want those flared pants. Plus, on a similar splash of Ñora colored chameleon note:

David Bowie: China Girl, Fame, Fashion. The ultimate soundtrack.