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Breast Model Antics.

Breast model Wang Rui’er stands at odds with authorities over some “kinky” live-streaming.

Featured image: Wang Rui’Er Fanclub.


A China Fashion Find. Beauty is fickle – and so are the cupsizes in this piece. “Breast model” Wang Rui’er (王瑞儿) recently found herself at odds with Chinese authorities over some “kinky” live-streaming. Here we go:


Brief backdrop, bear with me. As far as Chinese women and their looks are concerned, we find three (admittedly highly generalized) staple requirements: Pointy chin, big eyes and big breasts. Now, with regards to the last one, China in 2013 launched the first edition of its International Breast Model Championship – take a Youtube look right here — allegedly triggering much (online) sass.


Nanjing-born 34F-busted Jiang Qing exits the 2015 winner of China’s International Breast Model Championship. Photo: NetEase

That’s all snazzy swimwear fine and loud (not lewd) lingerie dandy, yet one Chinese breast model in particular found herself in some hot 2016 water. Global Times China on May 20 released a rather interesting interview with one ambitious breast model and nighttime DouyuTV (斗鱼TV) Webhost: Wang Rui’er (王瑞儿). Her cups runneth over — I hereby do mean “Girlfriend spills the beans”.

Popular lingerie model and DouyuTV Webhost Wang Rui’er pumps herself up before a breast-modeling competition. Photo: Global Times China

“Wang used to be a model, actress and club dancer. Last December, she found a new job – as a Webhost. Her shows, which often feature her dancing in revealing costumes, attract thousands of real-time viewers each night,” Global Times reads. Wang is one of many newbie Webhosts trying to “make it in China’s burgeoning live-streaming industry, which attracts millions of viewers.” Sounds like a plan. On the downside, however, with a number of these shows showing off quite the lewd content, the Chinese powers-that-be in recent months have embarked on a “live-stream crack down”.


“Live-streaming is a lucrative business. Apart from direct cash transfers, I get ‘virtual gifts’ from viewers, a commodity-based digital currency invented by the platforms. Many hosts can earn thousands of yuan per night just from the gifts,” Wang explains.


Wang hosting her live stream. Photo: Wang Rui’er Weibo Blog.

Lucrative as it may be, after several couples were caught streaming their day- and/or night-time sexual undertakings, “China’s Ministry of Culture investigated 19 live-streaming sites on April 14 for allegedly providing content that contains pornography or violence,” Global Times goes on. DouyuTV, where Wang had become one of the most popular female hosts, found itself among the culprits.


Then authorities struck the bralette underwire whilst it was sizzling hot. One night as Wang got caught up in her “sensual” live-stream dancing, everything went black; strip-down gone shut-down. “The live broadcast is over,” a pop-up window announced. DouyuTV subsequently announced Wang’s channel would be shut down for 999 hours for violating site rules. The channel and all of its featured videos were removed from the very public eye. Now that’s what I call “breaking the Internet”.


Whether it’s being a sometimes frowned upon or straight-up controversial car show model, aka Lil’ Black Bra Ridin’ Hood, sitting in front of a camera wearing her saucy Spanx or handing out virtual spanks, Wang enjoys immense online popularity. Though she admits she can at times come across as fake and overly dramatic in front of the webcam, Wang’s quick to point out: “Who would care to watch me if I talked and acted in a normal way?”


She may be temporarily banned from the webcam, yet she’s still raking in the publicity. Say what you will, but Wang is no boob.